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same 2.8.8

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YY 6.3.9

YY - 全网人气最旺真人视频直播社区!***男神女神小鲜肉,主播在线陪你玩,专属表演!***超4亿用户,百万人同在线,万人直播间一起嗨!***土壕和屌丝都热爱的娱乐必备神器,和寂寞说再见!===YY简介===【最火真人视频直播】女神主播、小鲜肉、萌系妹子、K歌达人、劲爆好声音、爆笑口才、MC喊麦、

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Kites 0.82.1

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends about a great location on holiday? Or warn them about a new restaurant nearby? We understand that sometimes

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优美图 4.6.29

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Klyph Pro 1.2.6

Join the Google+ community ! gets tired of the ugly, slow official Facebook app so w

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SlideOver is part of me and my brother's Sliding Messaging Pro project. This is only part of what it can do within our app, but we decided to release

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MYOTee脸萌 3.5.0

★★★★★ MYOTee脸萌风靡香港facebook、twitter,受到官方推荐的2013排行榜应用。 陈慧琳、郑中基、方力申、谢安琪、周秀娜等众多香港明星都在玩!√最潮最萌的卡通画风√ √完全免费的拼脸软件√「MYOTee脸萌」是一款非常有趣的拼脸软件,即使你不会画画,也可以轻松制作你的专属

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Yo 1.6.1

Get notified about the things you love as they happen.Just Yo // Yo Links // Yo Location —————————————————————Just Yo- Yo the ones you love to let the

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TweetComb is a Twitter client for Android designed to make searching easier.Save your frequently used Twitter searches and combine them with the simpl

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Blued 5.3.3

Blued concentrates on mobile network, social contact and providing easy and stable services for gay, bi, and curious guys all over the world. So far i

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花田交友 3.4.2


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MojiMe 1.2

Create FREE personalized stickers with MojiMe and be the star of your WeChat conversations! Simply upload a pic of yourself or a buddy, select a chara

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Obscure 1.1.2

"Obscure provides image sharing with titillating filters and fine-grained controls for your images and messages…”-PCMag“Texting privacy like never bef

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新浪SHOW 3.3.806

新浪SHOW集成社交平台、實時視頻直播、電影化英語教學、財經名師點評。每壹個頻道都那麽的與衆不同。 這裏有文藝青年的集散地,這裏是屌絲的天堂。 在這裏妳就是國王,想擁有萬千粉絲,想得到新浪立體化的曝光,盡在新浪SHOW。 --------------------- 新浪SHOW 最具時尚氣質

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DrawWiz 4.0.1

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倾心微博 1.1.8


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世纪佳缘 6.2.3

中国最严肃婚恋服务:世纪佳缘是中国最大的严肃婚恋网站,也是中国唯一在美国纳斯达克上市的婚恋网站,股票代码为“DATE”,创始人小龙女(龚海燕)也被誉为中国最大的网络红娘; 线下服务:世纪佳缘网站现有四千多万注册会员, 数百万人已经成功觅缘。世纪佳缘去年在全国105个城市举办了864场线下大规模

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四次元 0.5.0beta9

Sina Weibo App report bug: source code:

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百度 Hi

百度 Hi

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