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perfectmoon Aktualisierungszeit 1.0

Perfect Moon is a platform game which blends a unique art style with crazy gravitational physics and addictive game play. The game has been built on a

273 44.4 MB
Catapult King Aktualisierungszeit 1.5.4

Become the catapult… Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon in Catapult King—the King of castle crushers! Rescue the Princess and

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ミクLSP Aktualisierungszeit 1.1.7

------------------------------------------------------------- ・Wifi環境でのダウンロード、プレイを推奨しております。 ・本アプリの追加ダウンロードデータは160MB程度ございますので ダウンロードの際は、空き容量に余裕を持って

1065 29.21 MB
gothball Aktualisierungszeit 1.1

gothball is a new action-adventure game where you control the interesting being known as the gothball...gothball rolls, jumps and blasts it's way thro

427 13.92 MB
Winds of Steel Aktualisierungszeit 2.2

Experience World War II's most epic and legendary air battles in Asia and Pacific theaters on your Android mobile phone.From the attack on Pearl Harbo

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The Game Of Life Aktualisierungszeit 1.1.99

Anything can happen in THE GAME OF LIFE! Play with up to 3 friends as you navigate animated tokens through winding roads and lush landscapes with easy

13912 2.54 MB
Topeka Aktualisierungszeit 0.2.0

A really fun quiz app!

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BitBattle Aktualisierungszeit 3.0.0

BitBattle is a simple retro-styled, multi-themed, fast-paced arcade game. Pick among the 2 + 7 unlockable armies composed each one of 5 unique units a

290 36.41 MB
DQ4 Aktualisierungszeit 1.0.1

********************Dragon Quest IV, the first instalment in the Zenithian Trilogy, is now out on mobile devices!This epic adventure, unfolding over f

2546 15.5 MB
格斗之皇 Aktualisierungszeit 5.3.0

★★首测98%的五星好评 游戏采用全球领先的cocos2D-X引擎研发★★ ★★全球首款热血动漫2D横版动作过关游戏,表现华丽,操作顺畅。★★ ★★精美的热血动漫画风,庞大幻想世界背景,英雄大战黑暗之龙★★ ★★三大经典格斗职业,华丽的战斗技能表现和打击感,玩法简洁而不失深度★★ ★★炫

212 258.62 MB
Pinball Deluxe Premium Aktualisierungszeit 1.3.11

Pinball Deluxe Premium the ad-free version of the successful Pinball Deluxe game. Now featuring 6 different tables. Each table plays very differently

1037 13.6 MB
Special Enquiry Detail Aktualisierungszeit 1.3

Try your hand at investigating a murder and bring the killer to justice! Detectives Turino and Lamonte have been assigned to a new investigative unit:

1352 8.58 MB
Chain3D Aktualisierungszeit 1.2.6

Chain3D gives "a twist" to the tired genre of match 3 games.(5/5) "One of the best puzzle type games" -www.tapnslash.comGAMEPLAY: Goal of the game is

317 10.78 MB
ZombieDefense Aktualisierungszeit 1.0.2

Zombie Defence Play as Vinnie the Viking and defend your Castle against hordes of attacki

430 30.71 MB
OFFWORLD Aktualisierungszeit 1.4

Battle through the galaxy using giant mechs in an epic story-driven quest!You are the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter. You’ve just received a new cont

87 30.89 MB
Sonic4 epII Aktualisierungszeit 1.4

The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains!Following the events of Episode I, Metal Son

15082 4.46 MB
U Connect Aktualisierungszeit 1.1

624 4.25 MB
Burn the Rope: Worlds Aktualisierungszeit 1.0.1

No ads, full access to all levels!Burn the Rope: Worlds+ lights up your Android all over again with 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds

618 17.99 MB
TAPES Aktualisierungszeit 2.4

"Without a doubt, Tapes makes it on to the List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014." - Tom Cutrofello“TAPES” is a puzzle game with a beautiful and minimal.-

107 5.43 MB
EDGE EX Aktualisierungszeit 2.2.0

Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. But beware! You are not alone...EDGE Extended introduces a brand new

8828 22.54 MB
Jam City Aktualisierungszeit 1.3

Grab a basketball and slam-dunk like never before!ARCADE-STYLE, HOTSPOTS, AND MORE! Play everything from traditional Team Matches to more personal Ho

1576 53.91 MB
Enchanted Realm Aktualisierungszeit 1.1.7

Enchanted Realm isn't just a game, but a captivating fantasy adventure. The setting is a far-away and wondrous realm, where magic flows as freely as t

112 27.08 MB
LO Premium Aktualisierungszeit 1.0

NO IN-APP PURCHASES AND NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED TO PLAYExperience a puzzle game unlike any other! Lantern Odyssey is a unique adventure puzzle

105 4.3 MB
Beaver's Revenge Aktualisierungszeit 1.11

Don't get angry, get revenge!!!The lumberjacks have invaded the beaver's home again. Now it is time to strike back and get ... Revenge!!! The beaver'

346 16.2 MB
N.O.V.A. 2 HD Aktualisierungszeit 1.0.2

10064 2.52 MB
Rage of Bahamut Aktualisierungszeit

Rage against the enemy!#1 top grossing app on Android for 6 weeks straight ...with over 6,000 5-star reviews! Highly addictive, FREE trading card g

1858 12.13 MB
Clowning Around Aktualisierungszeit 1.0

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town.Here is everyone's favourite act, clowns!GAME LICENSED from Play the original game here http://www.

140 7.89 MB
Parking Frenzy Aktualisierungszeit 1.2

Games2win’s No.1 App Parking Frenzy gives you the ultimate drive ‘n’ park experience with over 80 smashing levels! Cruise through the gorgeous scenes

2068 17.88 MB
Fireworks Game Aktualisierungszeit 1.1.5

132 8.67 MB
0h h1 Aktualisierungszeit 1.3.5

0h h1 is a little logic game that follows three simple rules:- Three red tiles or three blue tiles next to each other in a row or column isn't allowed

36 4.28 MB
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