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Nimbuzz 6.0.0

Free messages, Free Calls. Unlimited! Nimbuzz Messenger lets you make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files etc a

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Rebtel 4.4.3

Rebtel converts international calls to local calls so you can talk at the world's cheapest rates.Why Use Rebtel?• Super cheap international calls and

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Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by Google Consumer Surveys.Getting started is easy. Down

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Fast is a new and free client to manage your Facebook© account! Fast gives a great and full experience even to the less powerful device! You can use

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QQLite 3.6.2

QQ轻聊版功能介绍:本应用是腾讯公司专为低性能手机优化的精简版QQ。保留核心聊天功能,超小安装包,省内存,聊天更畅快!【3.2版本特性】 - 支持Emoji表情,让聊天变得更趣味;- 我的收藏,可分类型查看内容,便捷管理更随心;- @群成员,可快速@群成员,提醒朋友查看;- 包大小7.7M,省流量

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Zoe 3.20.769555

Zoe is a simple way to create, share and remix professional quality highlight videos—and it’s even better when your friends pitch in. Choose the photo

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Carbon 2.6.1

ANNOUNCEMENT: We ran out of Twitter tokens and can't authenticate any New users. If you haven't logged in using Carbon before you won't be able to add

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Home 1.2

With Home, you can bring the content you care about to the front of your phone. Choose to customize your experience with photos and posts from Faceboo

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脸谱换换 1.8.600

“一个人能否成功,不在于你知道什么,而是在于你认识谁。” 人脉是一个人通往财富、成功的入门票,比知识更重要,发展人际关系是优先级最高的事。脸谱换换,致力于帮助拓宽您的人脉!在这里,您可以遇到老相识,也可以交到新朋友!在这里,您可以参加喜欢的专业沙龙,潮人派对,热门活动!在这里,您可以结识不同行业的专

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掌上猫扑 猫扑的官方android客户端 浏览速度快,节省流量 。

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Weico 4.7.4

Weico3 Android 全新设计,全新开发简而不减,滑而不华超过2500万用户正在使用的“微博客户端”,带来最个性的微博体验!Weico3 Android 提升3倍流畅度,难以置信的顺滑!发送微博更方便,手势返回更直观,建议升级到Android 4.0版以上,拥有更丰富的界面效果。Weico3

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Skype Qik

Introducing Skype Qik (say “quick”), a free* video messenger made for capturing moments and sharing laughs throughout your day. Set up a group and imm

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Frontback 3.3.2

With Frontback you take a photo with the front camera, another with the back camera, and share them both in a single image. Frontback is the most deli

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Android口袋微博是一款Google Android平台下的新浪微博(Sina Weibo)手机客户端,致力于为您提供最优的用户体验。* 图片表情,让传情不再抽象* 完美呈现GIF动画* 实时热门话题,热门不再错过* 桌面Widget窗口小部件,更方便* 丰富的设置选项,更贴心* 多彩皮肤供您选

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人人2014 0.9.742

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Status 1.4.1

Status answers the question "what are you doing?" for you and your friends, automatically.It saves you lots of messaging trying to meet up with friend

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OnePlusBBS v2.6

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小恩爱 6.1.4

Perfect relationship APP, lovers’ NO.1 Choice!A popular relationship app for worldwide couplesOver 5 billion free texts messagesOver 1 billion free ph

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