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Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a loc

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歴史の出来事を順番に並べていくゲームです。日本史編。 無料アプリです(広告表示・広告解除が有料) 最初に1枚カードが出ており、その前か後ろに出来事を並べていきます。 正解ならそこにカードが配置されます。不正解なら配置されません。 正解が増えるごとにどこにカードを入れるかが難しくなっていきます。 難易

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⭐¿Conoces a todos los personajes?⭐ ⭐¿Eres un gran fan de Vis A Vis?⭐ ⭐Toma este divertido cuestionario, tienes varias razones para hacerlo: +60 nivele

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هل تعتقد أن تعرف جميع المسلسلات التلفزيونية لشهر رمضان 2021؟ حسنا ، جرب هذه اللعبة! حل جميع الألغاز: ابحث عن اسم المسلسل ، أو جزء منه، باستخدام الحروف

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Welcome to the 2021 version of Spades. Relieve boredom, have fun and exercise your mind all at the same time with this classic card game. Spades is a

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Discover and develop your natural psychic remote viewing abilities, and compete to earn prizes! Remote viewing is a technique that allows anyone to le

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Breaking news: statistics, leaderboards and achievements! Partnership dominoes is the most popular dominoes game in Spain and Latin America. There are

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Classic memory game format This educational and entertaining game is suitable for kids and adults. It is easy to play, yet very fun and will help to i

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Classic Texas Hold'em poker. Play anytime anywhere. The best offline Texas Holdem Poker around. Whether you are playing for the first time, are an exp

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Every traveler needs a good pocket guide. Even time travelers! Follow May as she travels back in time to 19th century Europe on a fantastic assignment

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Do you like maze games, 2d games or maze runner games? Give it a try! Inspired by love to maze, labyrinth, we created а game for resolving easy to ver

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The Mafia comes across a mysterious treasure, a long lost sacred idol. The Don takes it as a sign of good luck and decides to keep it for themselves.

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This is a location based game about collecting Badges, Quadrants and Regions. Throughout the game every player acts as both a creator of a series of b

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A major feature of "3D Number Place" is that it is usually not possible to fill all cells with just one face hint cell. It's not just about solving th

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Normal gaming apps allow you to play only one game and take up a lot of space on your phone, while Gaming Space allows you to play more than 30+ free

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El Mus 2.3.3

¡¡Estrenamos la versión 2.0 con el juego en red!! Por fin disponible el modo en red: podrás disputar partidas de mus al mejor de 2 juegos con otros 3

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Sort balls in tubes with HINTS. Smooth, fast and relaxing free ball puzzle game. If your are looking for a unique version of ball sort puzzle game the

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Aprende a Leer con José is an Android application that is designed to teach children how to read in Spanish effectively and fun. Parent can choose whe

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13 Cells - this is an addicting puzzle game. Arrange the shapes in such a way to create lines horizontally or vertically and delete them. Do not let t

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취업난에 좌절 할 수 없다..!주인공의 아이스크림 창업성공기! 클릭을 하면 돈이 모이는 단순노가다게임. 터치를 계속하다보면 어느새 아이스크림왕!! 돈과 시간을 투자해서 다양한 재료를 모아주세요~! 모은 재료로 여러 종류의 아이스크림을 쭉!쭉! 개발해보세요. - 아이스바

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