Spotology 1.0 [free]


"This is the new 2048 game!" - people on Social Networks

You’ll get really hooked up, too much, too quickly, so be warned! Pop all dots without releasing your finger before the time runs out. It’s that simple.

Here’s what awaits:

• Over 400 level variations challenging your fingers, reflexes and logic!
• More than 30 colour combos to refresh your mood while trying over and over again…
• You only get three wrong attempts during your hundreds of levels playthrough.
• To make things worse, you have a time limit to complete each round.
• No flappy tricks, no birds included. It’s all you.

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  • App-Namen: Spotology
  • Kategorie: Rätsel & Denksport
  • App-Code: ipavel.spotology
  • Version: 1.0
  • Anforderung: 2.3.3 oder eine höhere Version
  • Größe der Datei : 5.84 MB
  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2017-09-16