Audio Recorder 3.0.28 [free]


Handy and functional voice recorder for the smartphones and Android Wear watches!Record your conversations, lectures, meetings and anything you want with very simple and intuitive interface. The app is designed both for watches and smartphones.Features: · The all-new Material design;· Sound quality customisation (choice of the optimal modes);· Dropbox & Google drive· Add photos to your recordings.· Echo suppression and noise filtering, silence skipping;· Work in the background (when the display is off);· Autostart when you start;· Invisible Recording (replaces an icon in the notification bar, so nobody can see that the recording is launched)· Synchronise the watch (if any);· Manage audio recordings (share, delete, rename)· TagsIf the app can't start do recording on the watch it is because the app hasn't permissions. You should enable permissions on the watch. Settings -> Permissions -> Audio Recorder. But you can see that you can't enable permissions. It is because different app opened transparent window at fullscreen. Some users sent me descriptions that can help:It comes from the Wear App: "Wear minilauncher" or "Feel The Wear - Notifications"Steps:1 I temporarily disabled it2 I gave you app file writing and microphon permissions (from watch >Parameters>Authorizations>Audio recorder3 The "screen overlay detected" does not show anymore, (with or without Wear minilauncher activation)for obviously it does not need to ask anymore permissions already givenImportant! A moto 360 has a bug. At the time when a watch activated an opportunity to say "ok google" mic stops working in other applications, despite the fact that the recording is already underway. If you turn off the display, go to the Settings menu, or open any other application (it is important that there were no available "ok google") sound recording is restored. For normal operation, you should keep the app open.Help make a better translation: application positively noted in publications following editions:The 10 Coolest Smartwatch Apps of 2015 (So Far) best Android Wear smartwatch apps 2015 Best New Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 7/22/14 - 8/1/14 best apps for Android Wear 10 best Android Wear apps for the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Best 'Android Wear' Apps of the day: Wear Audio Recorder for Android of the Best Android Wear Apps

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  • App-Namen: Audio Recorder
  • Kategorie: Musik & Audio
  • App-Code: com.rimidalv.dictaphone
  • Version: 3.0.28
  • Anforderung: 5.0 oder eine höhere Version
  • Größe der Datei : 16.95 MB
  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2019-01-12