Polaritron 0.1 [free]


Polaritron is a fast-paced, touch-based arcade game which plays like the love child of Super Hexagon and Ikaruga, with a touch of Bit.Trip Runner! Change the polarity of your central core to shield yourself from a storm of relentless bullets in a desperate race against time; immersed in colorful visuals and a procedurally generated soundtrack. Simply touch the screen to change the polarity of the core: the rest is up to your reflexes!

Your first Polari-trips will be merely a taste of what true madness feels like! Unlock the full game for:
• 6 Additional game modes that will make you wish you had more eyes, fingers and neuron synapses that you actually have!
• Extra, unlockable color palettes & sound packs for your epileptic pleasure!
• Global online leaderboards to demolish your self-esteem!

Try Polaritron on your browser straight away on http://leongotgame.itch.io/polaritron
Get your polarity on!

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  • App-Namen: Polaritron
  • Kategorie: Gelegenheitsspiele
  • App-Code: com.leongame.polaritron
  • Version: 0.1
  • Anforderung: 2.3 oder eine höhere Version
  • Größe der Datei : 11.15 MB
  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2017-09-16