Flowers Live Wallpaper 5.6 [free]


Flowers Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice to decorate your phone screen! Variety of beautiful flowers from a red rose,a yellow tulip to a blue violet- what ever you
like most, the choice is completely yours! Download “Flowers Wallpaper” now and this gorgeous floral LWP can be yours for free! A perfect wallpaper for any girl, it will
make your smart phone so lovely and feminine! Spring is here! Let it be spring on your phone screen too! Hurry up and get it!
- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!
- Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new flower will appear immediately!
- There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
- This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
Motion of flashes and lights keeps changing with time.
- You can choose from several different themes.
- HD graphics and open GL.
- Optimized Battery Usage.
- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
- Flowers Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones
Is spring your favorite season? Or is it summer? No matter whether you prefer spring to summer, this live wallpaper will remind you of both with these lovely flowers.
Roses are red, violets are blue and they now bloom just for you on your very own phone screen! What is your favorite flower? Is it a rose, a tulip, a violet or perhaps a
daisy? Do you prefer red or purple blossom? Doesn't matter, this amazing “live wallpaper” offers them all! The first flower that blooms in spring is a snowdrop. Little,
white and delicate, just perfect for the beginning of spring, symbolizing the awakening of nature. Roses, carnations, lilies, or sunflowers! A flower comes in a variety of
different colors from red, yellow, pink to purple and blue. A wild flower, the one in your own garden, or one of the “exotic flowers”, like a lotus - they are remarkable
to look at, so beautiful and smell so good! Colorful beauties beguile us with their lovely scents and strikingly gorgeous blossoms. Did you know that tulip bulbs were more
valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s? However, you can have them on your screen for free with this new colorful app. A flower is the most beautiful gift of nature
with vibrant colors and pleasant smell. From red, blue, yellow to purple, pink and orange. Which ever color they are, all colorful plants are beautiful. When you would
have to guess what would you say was the oldest flower in the world: rose, tulip, orchid or lily? Believe it or not it's lily, with such a tender and delicate name, lily
is the oldest flower of them all. But flowers which can best decorate your garden and everyone's garden are roses. There are different kinds of 'rose and roses' but they
are all of equally vibrant color and intoxicating smell. If you haven't planted your own garden yet, try buying flowers in a flowerpot or even better download “Flowers
Live Wallpaper” for your smart phone! It's completely free and it is the loveliest “live wallpaper” you can find on the market. So don't waste your time and get this cool
wallpaper now! Enjoy!

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