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Join Hooved Justice and the Herd of Heroes in the fight against Dr. Fizz and his army of Bullies! Fast paced action awaits in 30 levels of beautiful

273 30.36 MB
RollerPolar 2.0.1

Take control of your Polar Bear and ride the snowball down the mountain. Watch out for the boulders, trees and wildlife!Day and night the ball keeps r

103 50.9 MB

Are you interested in celebrities’ lives and their awesome clothes?Imagine a Dream Girl walking down the red carpet in your fashion!Now you can be a c

482 31.55 MB

Release your art creativeness inside your heart Free your development of art with this draw app. One of the best draw illustrating app on Operating

1004 1.68 MB
Pl!nk 1.3

If you love the classic game of Plinko, you will love Pl!nk!With lovely minimalistic graphics inspired by Dots and fun cute characters to unlock.Tap t

28 1.46 MB
Anomaly 1.0.6

NOTE: We are currently investigating issues concerning Android 4.3. If you have upgraded and are having issues please contact us or request a refund.

256 32.71 MB
Tower Boxing 1.0.4

OMG - This is out of control!10 dudes with insanely hard punches decided to knock down a skyscraper.WAIT! You're not going to help them, are you? :O-

219 18.3 MB
Tiny Prison 1.2.4

Welcome to your Tiny Prison, where you are the Warden, and you can run your prison however you see fit! Send prisoners to work in the shop. Build new

252 20.37 MB

General purpose mapping tools tailor-made for playing games. With this app, you can play keyboard/gamepad-only games with touchscreen, play touch-only

251729 B

In COIN DOZER: HALLOWEEN, you’ll brave the haunted house to drop coins into the graveyard for prizes and treats! Watch out for ghouls and ghosts! Try

477 13.55 MB

************ Open Chapter 4!!! ***********Notice: In case of some version(earlier than ver 1.019, before 19th, March), there is possibility to be cr

53 44.69 MB
Finger Hoola 1.0.2

SALE: Reduced price until the new year. Merry Christmas from Plant Pot!NEWS: Major update coming soon with brand new levels and a full UI revamp.Press

268 26 MB
VOID Hop 1.0.1

Grandma says that you have a good reaction? I do not think so VOID Hop - this is an indie game about endless and pointless travel of tiny particles th

19 10.96 MB
Hypher 1.0

This game is fast. And hard.Avoid the walls and survive as long as you can in this hi-speed one-tap reflex game.

14 13.75 MB
Valentine? 1.1.1

WHERE’S MY VALENTINE FEATURES 12 EXCLUSIVE LOVE-THEMED LEVELS STARRING SWAMPY AND PERRY!Swampy and Perry need some love – are you up to the challenge?

375 41.84 MB
Magic Era 1.2.7

Build a dream kingdom and wipe out invaders. Create your own Magic Era, pick up weapons, defend your homeland, conquer the world and win the glory!# E

125 38.33 MB

WHISTLE, SING and FLY… Meet Talking Larry the Bird, your very own singing, feathered friend. Unleash your inner musician by making Larry whistle along

1447 9.98 MB

The world of Tapventures is an ever growing universe of creatures, who live their lives on the majestic titan islands floating in the sky. Explore wha

197 19.9 MB
SkyDiver 1.0.1

93 8.2 MB

TLDR: DODGE COLLECT and REPEAT!An addictive twist to the classic lunar lander formula, pilot your lander to fame and riches by collecting precious spa

71 6.06 MB