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Enter into the wild savanna and live the life of a Cheetah! Explore a vast grassy plain filled with ferocious animals of all shapes and sizes. Raise a

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Garden Rescue 1.0.20

A serious menace has approached the peaceful garden and you must help defend it in Garden Rescue! As masses of voracious insects rush to fill their ma

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Take the happy planes on a trip to visit incredible destinations in this amazing HD sequel to the #1 app store hit game Airport Mania: First Flight! *

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Azada 1.0.11

“Azada, from Big Fish Games, is what you might get if a giant walking magic puzzle strolled into your living room and exploded!”

12.17 MB
Serpent 1.0.0

Return to the House of 1000 Doors to save mankind from annihilation! Giant snakes have burst out of the Earth and are wreaking destruction across ever

10.64 MB
Jump 1.1

Do you enjoy puzzle games? Do you want to try a different kind of logic game with great graphics and one of a kind gameplay? Then you are definitely i

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Doge Run 1.23

So Doge. Such Run.Doge Run is a runner game based on the funniest k9 of the internet: DOGE! Much dog.Run with Shibe in a meme based world, collecting

12.46 MB

Navigate your slime as it rolls through town eating the hapless victims that cross its path. The more the blob eats, the bigger it gets. The bigger it

1.57 MB
Lawnmower 1.12

Selected for the Penny-Arcade Boston Indie Showcase 2012!Plan your way through complex puzzles, a dozen different obstacles, and earn as many stars as

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You are just 1 Dot. Simply swipe to avoid the boxes. Collect the stars. Survive for as long as you can.Sounds simple enough right? Wrong. This game is

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Pixel People

Welcome to the world of Utopia where YOU create the city and the residents. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. Greet new c

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Kapu Blocks 1.0.1

★ THE BEST BLOCK PARTY EVER!!! ★Have you ever launched a hamburger into space? Or lived in a totem pole-barn-castle? If not, now’s the time to do it!

31.66 MB
psx4droid 1.7

2.88 MB

Trouser Trouble is a game where you pull down people's pants with the touchscreen to earn points. The Summer Edition features new levels, new challeng

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poke 1.0.3

Poked! Pinched! When you see the stuffing, nothing can stop you to poke it! The moment that you poked the stuffing with its beautiful sound, is inde

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Take your Zumba® Fitness workout wherever you go with the revolutionary new motion-based Zumba® Dance app! Zumba® Dance is the first app with full rou

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Robot Dance 1.0.7

Robot Dance Party, the first mobile rhythm game of its kind, challenges you to assemble your own quirky robot out of a mash-up of scavenged parts in o

11.24 MB
Mixel Lite 1.0.1

To play you need just one finger and a good reaction. Collect as many points by jumping on

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