Prevent Running 2.4.0 [free]


Android 3.1 introduces Launch controls on stopped applications: However, there are no such features on android 2.3, and some devices didn't implement it at all.

The module hajacks several system api including start activity, finish activity, and send broadcat, could prevent the broadcast being sent to the prevented packages. Furthermore, it applies to system packages too, but the system packages must have a launcher activity, otherwise, it couldn't be active again. (If you want to prevent these force stopped system packages from running, please consider disable instead).

Please note, this app prevents following actions:
- suicide in activity, which will restart service
- receive event which may change default home action
- (when prevents) move task to background, or start home activity
- process with parent to init

WARNING: please don't prevents system pacakges and daily packages.

"Prevent Running" works on gb, ics, jb, and kk. However, now I mainly use kk.

How to use:
1). install "Prevent Running", activate it in Xposed/Cydia, reboot.
2). open "Prevent Running", then add/remove application to/from prevent list.
3). If you don't "auto prevent" news added packages, please prevent "Prevent Running".

Any donations are welcome.

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