World Cup App 2018 - Live Scores & Fixtures 4.1.2 [free]


The fastest app for live scores and fixtures for the world cup in 2018!
The GoalAlert world cup 2018 app provides you with useful features:Fast push notifications
Activate the GoalAlert and get push notifications as soon as a team scores a goal. If you only want notifications for certain countries, it easily cant be changed in the
settings.Live tables
A table in real time is available.
We hope you enjoy the world cup 2018 in russia, no matter what team you are supporting!
The GoalAlert world cup 2018 app is easy to handle and faster than other liver ticker and news apps.
Download now and enjoy!
We appreciate your feedback. You can send suggestions and problems via the support area in the settings of the app or via [email protected] to us.

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