Diary with lock 2018 2.6 [free]


Diary++ - A perfect Secret Diary with Lock app to write down your thoughts in a safe and secure way. It helps to track and organize your thoughts, events, experiences,
observations, work progress, memories, feelings, secrets, etc in a simple way. This app comes with a lock feature to keep your diary secure and protected. Write it out and
free your memory of the thoughts. Start Today !!!
Key Features:
~ Lock app with PIN code to keep diary secret
~ Create, Edit Diary Entry with Emoticons
~ Different ways to view Diary Entries
~ Graph Features to track moods
~ Search Diary Entries
~ Daily reminders to make entry
~ Configure Notification time
~ Attractive User Interface
Lock app with PIN code:
This feature helps to lock your app with 6 digit PIN code to keep your diary secret. There is also a backup feature which lets you set your own secret questions and
answers in case you forget the PIN. Enable or disable this feature under settings section to lock or unlock your app with the PIN code.
Create, Edit Diary Entry with Emoticons:
This feature helps to create or edit diary entry with Title and Content for any dates. It also lets you select the emotion of the day with emoticons.
Different Views to Display Diary Entries:
Your diary entries can be viewed in three different ways using List view, Column view, and Calendar View. List view lets you scroll through all the diary entries. Column
and Calendar Views let you pick up a particular date and see the corresponding diary content. Please refer our screenshots.
Graph features to track Moods:
The two different graphs (Bar chart and Pie Chart) provided in this app helps to track your moods which are generated based on the emoticons chosen while creating diary
Search Diary Entries:
This feature lets you search your diary entries based on the text of the title or content. It lets you identify the day more easily and can view or edit the content of the
same in a quick and easy manner.
Daily reminders to make an entry:
You can enable daily notifications to create an entry for the day using this feature. It also lets you choose your convenient time for the notification.
Attractive User Interface:
The UI is simple and neat with cool animation features for better look and feel of the app. It provides a more professional experience.
Future Improvements Considered:
~ Backup to Google Drive
~ Export & print Diary
Record your best moments, lessons learned from good or bad experience, track the progress of your work, protect your ideas, thoughts, events, secrets, etc with this cool
Diary app.
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Keywords: Secret, Secure, Diary, Lock, PIN, Chart, Reminder, Password, Notification, Search, Graph, Moods, Emotions, Emoticons, Calendar

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