Air Navigation Pro 1.5.10 [paid]


Air Navigation Pro Android V2.1 has a range of features including 3D views, Obstacle Databases, and 2D and 3D Terrain Awareness. Air Navigation Pro is designed for the VFR
pilot who wants a responsive tool in the cockpit to simplify their Pre-Flight Planning and improve In-Flight Situational awareness.
With Air Navigation you can plan your routes with just a few taps, track your flights and have access to an up to date database of free worldwide airspaces and
Prepare your flight better than ever with Air Navigation!
Register for free at to get free database updates and download free and commercial add-on maps and data from within the application.
o 2D Moving Map
o 3D Synthetic Vision
o Multi-leg Route planner
o Custom way point editor
o Elevation Profiles that show Airspaces (with Free DEM Data)
o Terrain Awareness* in 2D and 3D mode (with Commercial DEM)
o Obstacle Database*
o Visual Approach Charts* for selected countries
o Aeronautical waypoints (more than 160,000)
o Airspaces (more than 50 countries)
o Free maps (open source or from the public domain)
o Wide range of Navigation and Sectional charts* (ICAO, Flyermaps, etc)
o Pre-flight briefings showing NOTAMS* (requires a subscription)
o Live flight tracking, requires data connection and a free account on our website
What’s New for 2.1
Thanks for using Air Navigation Pro! To make our app better for you, we came out with this update:
o Complete redesign to match the iOS app look
o Multi languages
o Import GPX routes
o SD card support for better storage
o 3D vision updates (Speed, Approach chart integration and UI optimizations)
o Compass for true/magnetic north
o Save and replay your flight with the new Flight recorder
o In-app purchase support with the services site
o AD info available with the aeronautical database*
*In-app purchase
o Bug fixes
Visit for a complete list of features, with a comprehensive user manuals available at
( * Products and Services available for in-app purchase or in our shop.)
To use the real time Navigation capabilities, a supported Android Device with a GPS is required.
The Application is supported from Android Version 4.0 (IceCream Sandwich API level 15) upwards, however we recommend that pilots install on devices with Android 4.2
(Jellybean API level 17) upwards to maximise their user experience and application responsiveness.
This software is not intended to replace a certified navigation device.
You must use official aeronautical documentation and certified navigation devices when preparing and performing a flight in accordance with your local aviation authority’s

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