Zombie Sniper 2.5 [free]


Shooting game is interesting in that it is the role of a sniper, you will play and have the zombies one by one from a distance targeting.
Kill Zombies have fun and keep much close to you.
- Graphics and audio effects good
- The possibility of buying a rifle, a single shooter, bullet, gun, cover, protective, and aid better with the money that the game get.
- Has five different modes to perform the play in the following order:
* Attack mode. in this mode, should be timely the zombies from a distance target, and to shoot them. It is best to head shoot them.
* Wave mode zombies, in this mode, should a wave of zombies encounter. One by one they take the role on the pitch, and from this, enjoy!
* Endurance mode, in this mode, should try as much as you can against the zombies outlast.
* Zombie mode, runner, etc. the only difference between these modes with the first mode in it is that the zombies in it running. Your job is the same, that was: shooting zombies
* Mode of income, in this mode by killing zombies, you can get more money.

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  • App-Namen: Zombie Sniper
  • Kategorie: Sportspiele
  • App-Code: com.vapp.zombiesnipershooting
  • Version: 2.5
  • Anforderung: 2.3 oder eine höhere Version
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  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2018-01-14