Word Connect – Wordsearch Finder & Spelling Puzzle 1.8 [free]


Download Word Connect – Word Find & Words Puzzle Game and embark on an exciting and addicting word quest now! Find the words among the alphabet soup on the screen,
unscramble the letters, connect the alphabets, complete all levels, and improve vocabulary! This is more than just a kids words game, even intellectuals with wide
vocabulary will enjoy this words hunt and find something new to learn every day!
There are many ways to spend idle time. People love playing casual games, especially puzzles that can keep their mind sharp. Some of most popular games for intellectuals
are word games. Even though you don’t want to play challenging games, word game is still fun to play. You can also learn new funny words from words puzzle games.
GAMEPLAY: Word Connect is similar to other word find or words hunt games. To start your word quest, search words by connecting the letters in the alphabet soup. On earlier
levels, you will have 3 letters. You will have to find the words that have 2 – 3 letters. Maybe you think it’s just a kids words game to help them learn spelling. But as
the level progresses and there are more and more alphabets on the board, the game gets quite challenging and it will take time to unscramble the jumble of letters. You
don’t have to be super intellectual to solve the funny word puzzles game but you have to know the trick. After you solve the harder levels, you will also improve
vocabulary because you will learn a lot of new words including funny words you’ve never heard before.
- Embark on the word quest and play our word puzzles game for FREE.
- Our words hunt game has really awesome graphic and sounds.
- Search words by connecting letters on the board.
- Even though the gameplay & concept is simple, mastering this game is not easy
- Great & fun way to learn spelling and improve vocabulary.
- Incremental difficulty: start from 3 letters and unscramble a lot more letters as you reach higher levels.
- Simple game control: simply drag to connect one letter to another.
- Collect coins as you play which you can spend to make your games more fun!
There are some features that certainly make this wordsearch finder more enjoyable compared to other word connect & kids words game! Of course you can’t know how much
you will enjoy playing our word find game if you never try it for yourself. The only way you will know if you like playing Word Connect or not is by downloading it. So go
ahead and give it a try. This game is lightweight and it won’t take long to download.
Since this game is light, it also won’t hog your phone’s resources and battery life. That’s why we call this the ultimate Word Find game!
We hope that our game helps you keep your brain sharp, help your kids learn spelling, and bring you a lot of good time! We know our app isn’t perfect, which is why we
encourage you to send us an email if you encounter any issue with the game. We promise we’ll respond ASAP.
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