Same-Way carpooling connecting for people & goods 6.1.2 [free]


Same-Way is a free carpooling and transportation sharing app specially designed for those who want to avoid heavy traffic at minimum to no costs. Same-Way
allows its users to get together
Collaborative,Rideshare carpooling & connects people who send goods from one place to another with people going that Same-Way anyway. Connects neighbors, co-workers, and
schoolmates for real ridesharing
Whether they are on the road, taking the train, or carpooling by other means, they can use their mobile phone to pick up goods and delivery, make some money and maybe save
the environment as well. Smart, safe and sustainable.
The only service with an innovative and simple overview fulfilling demands for transport and freight – all in one revenue sharing solution. For better utilization of all
kinds of vehicles; private cars, public transport, trucks and vans. I you need to move passengers or gods we all travel Same-Way!
Fast and efficient solution also for passengers, as well as a sender of goods, which means that all involved have great benefits from this in terms of earning money while
saving money for others, environment, time spent, and a better world for all of us,
Same-Way is a user-friendly application with fast search and matches feature. You just register number of seats free, time, or kind of goods and place. This way the users
traveling with their private car open for transport of bigger goods than those traveling on public transport. The application opens for written and spoken communication
between the users. Based on actual distance will the application suggest a price to make it possible in an uncomplicated way to share the cost of travel.
Same-Way opens possibilities. You can help others and at the same time reduce own travel costs. In addition will you help the society save time and the environment. Less
rush-hour traffic, less CO2 gases. You together with Same-Way will save time, money and resources to the benefit of all.
Same-Way is a ride/transportation-sharing app specially designed for those who want to avoid heavy traffic at minimum to no costs. Same-Way allows its users to get together
and use public transportation routes toll-free and share inner city and inter-city rides. It is a user-friendly app with easy and fast search and match features and direct
and indirect, textual and vocal communication options between users who share a ride. Same-Way helps you get to your destination whatever and wherever it may be. Same-Way
matches between drivers and passengers who share the same or similar routes for different business or pleasure purposes. It helps saving energy and time resources to the
benefit of its user and the environment.
Same-Way can help connect you with other professionals traveling on your schedule and on your route
Make rides, share rides, save money and save the environment with carpool

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