Clementine 1.0 [paid]


After she has licked a deliciously looking mushroom Clementine feels the unstoppable urge to run. You control the ginormous color filter and allow Clementine to pass through platforms and walls while having her collide with others at the same time. Pave her the way but beware of pulling the ground out from under her feet or accidentally putting a wall right in front of her.

Can you run further than your friends and beat their high scores?! Test your reflexes, show us how fast your brain can decide whether to remove or add a surface, compete in daily and weekly challenges and earn trophies!

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  • App-Namen: Clementine
  • Kategorie: Arcade & Action
  • App-Code: com.rp.clementine
  • Version: 1.0
  • Anforderung: 2.3.3 oder eine höhere Version
  • Größe der Datei : 14.83 MB
  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2017-09-16