Robotmon 4.8.2 [free]


Robotmon is a javascript interpreter run on android phone.
Supports screenshot, touch, image recognition (template match), key input and more than 40 APIs
-- Root not required
-- PC not required while running (Only first time)
-- Javascript for easy to use
-- Include some OpenCV APIs
-- Cross platform developing tool (IDE) (
-- Run script remotely (by IP)
-- Free scripts (
-- GRPC protocol for controlling service on phone
How to use
Important !! Before use this app, you should start service first !!
-- Install this app
-- Enable developer options on android phone (google it)
-- Enable USB debugging on phone (from developer options)
-- Install ADB driver (phone driver) on PC (only windows) (google it)
-- Start Robotmon service. Two methods:
-- -- 1. Double Click Tools (
-- -- 2. Use ADB command
(See Run background service in
-- Success !! Then start app and try free scripts
More information:
Web sites:
Feel free to leave a message to our Facebook fans page!
Users can switch on/off airplane mode on specified page through Accessibility service. The app will not collect users' information or perform any action through
Accessibility service on other pages.

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  • App-Namen: Robotmon
  • Kategorie: Tools
  • App-Code: com.r2studio.robotmon
  • Version: 4.8.2
  • Anforderung: 4.3 oder eine höhere Version
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  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2019-07-12