Bot Libre 8.5.7 [free]


Bot Libre allows you to create your own chat bot, train them, and share them with others.
Chat with over 100,000 bots in our open bot directory. Chat with bots that want to be your friend, bots that offer services, help or support, bots that want to rule the
world, bots that emulate historical or famous people.
Bot Libre also supports chat rooms, live chat, and forums. You can even add a chat bot to a chat room.
You can chat with real voice and speech in many different languages.
Choose your bot's image, video, or 3D animated avatar from our avatar library, or build your own avatar using pictures and video from your phone. Make a bot that looks and
acts like you.
Bot Libre bots can be trained easily by correcting their responses in chat, or from reviewing their conversations in their Admin Console. Bots can also learn automatically
from users, or from a chat room. You control who your bot learns from and who can correct it. Bots can also use advanced Self scripts and AIML, and have advanced artificial
intelligence including emotions, a consciousness, learning, and comprehension.
Bot Libre can also be access over the web, and the web interface contains additional features, such as uploading chat logs, scripting, and connecting a bot to Twitter,
Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Slack, Kik, WhatsApp, email, SMS, voice phone IVR, Google Home, or Alexa.
See for more information.
Build your own chat bot app, or add a chat bot, live chat, chat room, or forum to your existing app using the open source Bot Libre SDK,
Bot Libre is an open source project, join the project at or on GitHub

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  • Version: 8.5.7
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