Kievan Rus’ 1.2.59 [free]


Kievan Rus’ is a fascinating geopolitical strategy which is played all over the world. The game does not require an Internet connection.
Play as a ruler of one of the major European states. Are you ready to fight the Roman Empire, the kingdoms of France and England, and aggressive barbarians? There are over
40 states in the game set in the Middle Ages. Become the leader of a civilization and develop it throughout the history of mankind.
Key game features:
● Build your army and fleet;
● Sabotage and spy on your enemies;
● Invade other states to capture their resources or conquer the land;
● Protect your state from invaders and participate in wars;
● Sign non-aggression pacts;
● Produce food, resources and military equipment;
● Sell excess goods to other states and buy the goods that you need;
● The game features a lot of real historical events;
● Introduce laws;
● Hold international meetings and make suggestions for further voting;
● Choose the state religion;
● Increase goods production by means of researches;
● Appoint Fleet Commanders, Army Commanders, Commander-in-Chief, chief tribute collector, and head of construction and trade;
● Fight separatism flourishing in the areas conquered by you.
We are constantly striving to enhance the gameplay and introduce new interesting updates.
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