My Location: Maps, Navigation & Travel Directions 2.879 [free]


Get My location maps to help you explore the world, see your current location & address, organize your travels by finding & saving places in any city.Download for Free Now!
Navigate around the world with ease! Feel more like a local than a tourist when you travel. Have instant knowledge about nearby sites, destinations and more, or easily
plan your next hike or bike route. All is possible with My Location.SAVE PLACES
◇ Find and save any place on the map with only 2 clicks!
◇ My Location’s advanced bookmark feature lets you note the destination type and add a description/title.
◇ Save places using the available backup option. STREETVIEW
◇ Travel using a virtual tour and go anywhere around the world
◇ Streetview – Just click on the yellow person on the bottom left side of the screen and view different locations.
◇ Nearby places – Find what you have around you: cafes, businesses, malls and more.GPS LOCATION
◇ GPS map details the latitude and longitude according to your current location.TRACK LOCATION
◇ Enable location tracking to later see the different routes you have taken, and see your saved tracks.CURRENT ADDRESS
◇ See the address and street you are currently at, and never get lost around the city ever again.
◇ Address and places search – Look up an address, or a specific place by name.DIRECTIONS
◇ Navigate the map and find the shortest, most accurate route to any destination.
◇ Find directions to your destination by walking, cycling or driving.LOCATION SHARING
◇ Share your current location or any other location from the map with your friends.BEAUTIFUL MAP THEMES
◇ Change your map theme to be something else entirely.
◇ Use map themes like retro or dark, and learn to change your map with this short demo video:
◇ Nightmode map theme changes the map to mimic the night.
Navigate the everywhere with ease and find the quickest route to all your destinations with My Location. Download now and see what routes you’ve taken!
Tutorial videos:
★ Save and manage places:
★ Change map style:
★ View Streetview:
Important note – if you are an especially adventurous traveler, become a beta tester to try new features before they are being released! :-)

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