PTT鄉民懶人包 - 免登入/好讀/最簡單易用的PTT閱讀器! 5.5 [free]


★ 獨家實用功能 :
鄉民頭條 - 提供最新最熱門鄉民討論話題文章!
熱門看板 - 全站超高人氣看板即時排行榜列表!
熱門文章 - 迅速掌握全站最熱門討論文章列表!
搜尋系統 - 支援關鍵字和分類與全站看板搜尋!
最愛收藏 - 常逛看板一鍵加入最愛與文章收藏!
鄉民懶人包 - 提供每日熱門關鍵字搜尋懶人包!
系列文搜尋 - 文章相關鄉民討論串系列文搜尋!
★ 獨家JieUI介面系統 :
★ 您珍貴的評價將會讓APP更好用 :

★ Exclusive practical features:
The headline of the villagers - provide the latest and most popular folks to discuss topic articles!
Popular Kanban - All-in-one super high-profile kanban real-time leaderboard list!
Popular Articles - Quickly master the list of the most popular discussion articles on the site!
Search System - Support keywords and categories and full station kanban search!
Favorite collection - often visit the kanban one-click to join the favorite and article collection!
Towny lazy bag - Provide daily hot keyword search lazy bag!
Series Search - Articles related to the villagers discussion series search!
★ Exclusive JieUI interface system:
Simple process and easy-to-use interface for quick and easy access!
★ Your precious reviews will make the app better:
Any questions or suggestions about the APP function are welcome. If you feel good, please give praise and encouragement. Thank you :)

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