Foam Painter 1.1 [free]


A lot of the ball, such as the foam, it is an application that paint color.
**What kind of person is or would prefer this app?
For family, for children.
People who like drawing and clay play.
**How to Play
Please first select the "shape". Then, it contains the automatically ball on the chosen shape.
Is from solidified the ball to be able to paint the color. Shape is four in total.
Tools will change when you tap the bottom left of the icon.
Tool A "brush": I wet continuously by dragging.
Tool B "pen": Move the pen in drag, the color of the ball in the pen will change when you tap the icon.
When you tap the icon in the lower right you can choose the color. A total is 8 colors.
*This app does not have any communication. Advertisement There is no also. It does not have any place to pay the money.
*If the operation of this application is unstable, it is possible to stop another application currently running on your device, there is a possibility that the symptoms
becomes lighter.
*When you tap the top right corner of the icon will be "arcade game", but the play, it will be a little later.
And operation confirm the equipment Xperia Z (SO-SE).

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