MyTrails Pro License 1.0.9 [paid]


The preferred way to activate Pro functionality is to use an In-App Purchase in MyTrails (MyTrails > Preferences > About > tap on Edition).
Purchase this to permanently activate all Pro features in MyTrails. You must have the main MyTrails application installed
As of MyTrails 1.4, Pro-only features include:
- ability to display multiple tracks on the map simultaneously
- ability to create offline maps with unlimited number of tiles (the free version is limited to 100 tiles when creating offline maps)
- ability to display the HUD and permanent legend on the map view
- proximity notifications
- pause detection
- upload to and download from My Trails, GPSies, Dropbox, UtagawaVTT and
- screen lock
As more Pro-only features are added to MyTrails (and we have a long wish-list), the license price may increase, so if you get in early, not only do you support a thriving
project, but you're also saving money :-)
The Pro license does not include access to premium maps (Ordnance Survey, IGN, OS Opendata, etc.), which you can separately purchase subscriptions to via in-app
Of course, all the features of the free version are also available (read the description for the free version for more details):
★ Full-screen trail map oriented with the built-in compass
★ OpenGL Rendering
★ Free online maps
★ Offline maps
★ Offline map creation
★ Premium maps
★ Record GPS tracks
★ Display multiple GPS tracks at once
★ Colorized tracks
★ Directions
★ Waypoints
★ Share and archive tracks
★ Gestures
★ Full tablet support
★ MyBackup Integration Support

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