Fotozap Camera [free]


Capture photos, GIFs and videos of your customers and event guests. Instantly deliver the branded images to the guests, ready for sharing. Use the camera
built into your Android device or connect a DSLR camera with an OTG cable.
Select from a variety of sharing methods to instantly deliver the media to your guest:
- Collect an email address to deliver the image(s) in a customized email
- Collect a mobile phone number to send the image by text message
- Collect a full custom survey from the guest including signature
- Scan and hand the guest a unique Photo Access Card
- Print glossy photos with an optional online photo code
As consumers go online to view and share their photo or video, they are also sharing your marketing message as a personal referral.
The end result is you add new leads to your customer database and your customers promote your brand on Facebook and other social networks.
Fotozap is Photo Sharing for Brands.
More information available at:
Used for event marketing, photo activation, and capturing branded photos and videos at in-store marketing promotions. Compatible with Picture Marketing's full line of photo
activation products. This app supports: importing photos from a dSLR camera; the photozap server; and the DNP WPS Pro print server.

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