Farm Rooster Fighting: Angry Chicks Ring Fighter 1.6 [free]


Farm Rooster Fighting: Angry Chicks Ring Fighter
Most exhilarating & fantastical adventure game of rooster fighting with angry chicks in a ring fighter style. Let’s play this rooster fighting games 3d and
participate in the rooster fighting tournament held between different countries. This Farm Rooster Fighting: Angry Chicks Ring Fighter 3D is a best fighting rooster games
with awesome Galo fighter simulator 3d action game of 2017. Hope you really love this rooster fight between you country rooster and other country roosters.
You’re the best player and playing this rooster fighting game with your best and top trained fighter rooster of your country. You need to choose you country in this game
and play as trained angry chicks with the enemy’s rooster and beat in the fighting ring. You need to play different qualifying rounds to win this fight between
In this roosters’ ring fighting game prove yourself as a best of player of the game farm rooster fighting and help your trained country rooster to the fight against the
enemy’s angry rooster. Test your attacking skills on enemy fighting rooster and you should beat the enemies’ Gallo in this cock fighter game. There is a tournament of
rooster fighting in a village farm. You have best rooster to fight with the other countries roaster. The hero rooster is fully animated have jump and attack animation to
beat the other roosters. Many people are there to see the performance of your Gallo fight.
Farm Rooster Fighting: Angry Chicks Ring Fighter Features ;
✅ Best Wild Rooster Fighting games for those who really love chicken fighting games in the village farms
✅ Interesting roosters fight for fun and entertainment
✅ Awesome 3D vibrant graphics and environment
✅ Beautiful camera views and smooth controls
✅ Angry Chicken Rooster Fighting is 100% free to play, no internet required!WARNING
Please note this game is for fun and simulation purpose for our users, we are strongly against the Animals cruelty & unkindness

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  • Version: 1.6
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