Skulls Zipper Lock Screen 1.9 [free]


Have you ever been surrounded with blazing flames? The passionate red and orange color of them makes you feel unstoppable. You will get the impression that
the whole world will is yours as soon as you download free the newest Skulls Zipper Lock Screen app. Browse the popular photos and set the most scariest one as the
foreground of your phone . Imagine that you are roaming the cemetery with your best friend during the latest hours. Suddenly you encounter the scariest creature ever
accompanied by the ominous ravens. The amazing zipper locker for screen has placed this skeleton wearing black cloak and wielding-scythe in front of the ancient
tombstones. Unzip this the newest picture to unlock your device and zip it to lock it. Now you can enter your name or create something unique and it will placed in the top
corner. The latest Skulls Zipper Lock Screen offers you many tools to customize the look of your smartphone. You can open up your gallery and set your favorite image as
the background. But scroll first the spooky photos brought to you by the fabulous zipper locker for screen. Be thrilled with the skulls holding the splendid electric
guitar. Imagine that you can hear the powerful sound of rock. Go to the options and enable vibration. Each time you drag the zipper to unlock your device you will be
thrilled with amazing chain colors that you can change. Adjust time format according to your needs and you can even change its font style. Select one from the coolest
collection we have created. Get the Skulls Zipper Lock Screen app and protect your phone with the scariest dead eyes breathing fire.
In the Skulls Zipper Lock Screen app, you can:
- Adjust the foreground and the background so that it suits your taste
- Choose the zipper you like and change the color of the chain
- Set the name and define its color and font
- Select cool font type for time and date
Get the popular Skulls Zipper Lock Screen and enjoy the most attractive photos that will decorate your smartphone in the fantastic way. It is designed and developed for
people of all ages and it will entertain you magnificently. The installation process is quick and easy and once it is done the magic begins. Enjoy the magnificent picture
while this top Skulls Zipper Lock Screen loads. Browse through the best photos and select the one you like the most as the foreground for your phone. You can use the same
one for the background or open up your gallery and set the photograph you have taken. This zipper locker for screen is the newest way to secure your smartphone. You will
never again worry whether it will make another call while it is in your pocket and save yourself from potential embarrassment. Pull down the hook to unlock the screen and
use your device. One of the key features is the one which enables you to change the zipper and the color of the chain. You can also track the battery status. What is
important and what will impress you the most is the fact that you can set the name which will appear on the top of your screen. Create the original one or use your own.
Moreover you can use one of the cool fonts that we have designed exclusively for you. A huge smile will appear on your face when you realize that there is the option that
will enable you to turn off or on time and date. Enhance your phone and download free the latest Skulls Zipper Lock Screen application by one single touch.

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