Island Survival: Hunt, Craft, Survive 1.5 [free]


Looking for first-person survival game?
Imagine that you lost on the island alone. You have no other options that survive. It could be your last day on earth or the first day of the new evolved era - you choose.
Island is full of carnivores, you need to build the shelter at day to survive the night. To build your ark shelter and survive on the island, you must gather very basic
materials like stones and log. Use technology and knowledge to craft different elements from them.
Dozens of weapons:
- There are more than 30 weapons and the tool to craft. (And the list will be updated every 2 weeks)
- Different kind of weapons: knives, spears, guns, riffles and many more
Advanced building system:
- Easy to use
- A lot of decorative elements to place
- Unlock new elements by leveling up
Enemies and dangerous:
- There are two kinds of enemies. 1 - Wild animals that live on the island with you, 2 - scary zombies that go outside in the night and what you to be hunted, be careful
they hurt a lot
Store your items in storage boxes, because when you die you will lose everything you carry.
*This game is under development, a lot of new features will be added very soon. Your reviews are very important and could have the huge impact on development, so please
leave your reviews and suggestion. Together we will build the best survival game in the store.

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  • App-Namen: Island Survival: Hunt, Craft, Survive
  • Kategorie: Arcade & Action
  • App-Code: com.area730.survival
  • Version: 1.5
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