Castle Clicker: City Builder Tycoon Christmas 4.0.8 [free]


Play the new Christmas Event! Replace Santa and make enough Presents to save Christmas!
A tapping game where you build up a town with Farms, Mines, and Castles! Dozens of buildings to unlock and upgrade! Puts a new spin on both Tycoon and Clicker games!
Tired of mindless tap games and clicker games? Play a Clicker game unlike any other! Just tap and click to build a bustling City where you can manage your workers and
The best Town Clicker game around! Tap your way to victory!
Discover ancient Artifacts and recruit special Avatars to help you with new powers and abilities!
- Beautiful, full resolution graphics and design
- Ability to save your game across all devices
- Buildings with special game play attributes, like the Bank that can generate interest on your Resources
- Full control over time management, send your Ships out for only a few minutes or for several days for greater rewards!
- Frequent feature updates, including new buildings!
- Infinite Gameplay: Even when you think it ends, there's more!
-Full featured Leaderboard system
Go start building your first Farm and discovering your first Mine!
Thanks for playing Castle Clickers!
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  • App-Namen: Castle Clicker: City Builder Tycoon Christmas
  • Kategorie: Gelegenheitsspiele
  • App-Code:
  • Version: 4.0.8
  • Anforderung: 4.0 oder eine höhere Version
  • Größe der Datei : 40.41 MB
  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2019-02-25