Urban Bird Flip - A Story About Clones FREE 1.03 [free]


'Urban Bird Flip – A Story About Clones' is like an interactive episode of your favorite cartoon series.
A story that deals with overhyped games mixed up with pop culture references, social criticism, arcade gameplay and unique ways of interaction. It's funny at different levels and has an original soundtrack. Oh, and it has 3D graphics. BAM!


• A story mode like an interactive cartoon or comic
• A satirical look at a hyped game and it's clones
• Lots of cinematic camera angles and animations
• Different styles of gameplay and interaction
• Cartoony 3D graphics
• Original Soundtrack
• A high score mode with the aim to do flips

Languages: English, German

This is a free version with ads.
If you don't like ads or if you want to support me making more indie games you can buy the ad free version:

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