Ubuntu L CM11 Theme 4.0 [paid]


Inspired by UBUNTU (Unity) and MATERIAL DESIGN (HERA) in the new upcoming version of Android 5.0 (Android L). This theme takes the best of both worlds and combines into one awesome and completely usable theme !!!

Important: This theme will NOT work on CM12 or any Lollipop ROM. The theme requires your device to be rooted with the latest Cyanogenmod 11 theme chooser. Also works on PA 4.4, Mahdi and other KitKat based roms with the CM11 theme engine.
To get best results reboot after applying.
Looks best on xhdpi and xxhdpi devices.
Please understand that the theme is not intended to directly copy Ubuntu touch or android L design, instead it focuses on usability and giving users a nice experience.

-Ubuntu homescreen wallpaper
-Blue ubuntu touch lockscreen wallpaper
-Android L system icons
-Non Intrusive UI themed deeply in the UI
-Flat design language
-Awesome AOSP/Google keyboard with android L design and Ubuntu colors.
-Ubuntu Font
-Themed switch, progress bar, scrubber, action bar, buttons, etc.
-New Wifi and Mobile Network indicators in status bar from L
-Radio Button and Scrubber using polymer-project guidelines
-Better Toast Notifications
-Dropdowns, spinners, recent apps
-Dialer, Text input and handles
-Notification Drawer, Heads Up Themed
-Whatsapp Themed
-Android L bootanimation

Some rare bugs you might encounter in CM11 that are NOT due to the theme:
> Some newer CM11 nightlies switches to default theme on rebooting. Apply the default theme manually and then apply this theme to fix it. It is probably due to xposed.
> Some users have reported Navigation buttons break in landscape mode, this can be fixed with a reboot.

Please write a review. That would be very helpful! A 5-star rating would be awesome. Thank You!

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