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One一个 1.2.2

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Theme designed based on the latest Xperia X look and (Z5/Z4/Z3). Icons and wallpapers in "HD". Will look sharp on all screens (phones and tablets)Them

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AutomaTag 1.6.258

Do you remember times when you first decided to keep your music library more tidy? You found out that the only solution was to fill in manually all so

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中原银行 1.6.3

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FlickMoment 3.6.7

FlickMoment is the best alternative gallery&photo album for your photos and videos.     FlickMoment : the powerful slideshow gallery,The choice of 10

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Enjoy thousands of images shared by Reddit community with this unofficial Reddit client app.This app is currently in early stage of development in bet

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图凌 2.2.0

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Many people are still in use, a veteran of the system switch/toggle widget. It is small, elegant, easy to use. no background services, no network acce

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Quicker 1.9.7

Quicker lets you put frequently used settings and shortcuts into a single place and access them from there quickly. It extends standard stock settings

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WallFlix 3.3.1

Tired of your boring static wallpapers? Set carefully crafted high definition videos as your launcher background! You can also use your your own video

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影视 TV 2.4

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Catch 简影 2.1.6

* 获得多家媒体联合推荐* 2015年知名应用市场年度应用* 全新的视频制作体验,好玩的让你停不下来* 海量个性原创手绘贴纸,各种魔性表情包* 多款精致滤镜,美颜自拍,轻松玩转各种风格=========Catch 功能亮点=========【生活碎片秒变文艺短片】抓拍生活碎片,将不同时间、

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Have you used data intensive apps on your phone without realizing that your WiFi was still turned off? Check for an active WiFi against a list that yo

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MaterialUp 0.20

MaterialUp is an unofficial MaterialUp App. MaterialUp pulls data from [MaterialUp](,[iOSUp]( and

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单读 1.6.3

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Blue Tint 3.3

Needs a custom ROM with CMTE support.End your search for dark themes here. With beautiful integration of dark blue and black, Tint is designed to get

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