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Summon Age: Heroes Aktualisierungszeit 0.5.2

Assemble a collection of great heroes to explore the Infinity and conquer new worlds! Summon and train your heroes, craft new equipment, develop your

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Speedcheck Aktualisierungszeit

Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you test your internet connection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep track of your speed tests and

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Simple Speedcheck Aktualisierungszeit

Simple Speedcheck makes it easy to test your internet speed. It’s easy, fast and accurate and the test results are presented in a user-friendly way wi

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Seep Aktualisierungszeit 2.30

Seep (also known as Sweep) is a classic Indian Card game played between 2 or 4 players. Seep is more over popular in Indian, Pakistan and few other As

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SJCAM Zone Aktualisierungszeit 5.4.1

SJCAM Zone! Record your best moments,share your happiness! SJCAM Zone integrates your phone with an action camera and lets you download the videos or

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Revo Uninstaller Mobile Aktualisierungszeit 2.0.251

Features -Better user experience -Full list of all user and system apps -Full history list of all uninstalled apps. -Option to clear the history of th

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Red Stone 2 Aktualisierungszeit 0.1.22

Explore the World of Prandel with your Friends in the Action RPG Red Stone 2! Pick between 4 Starting Character Classes - Warrior, Archer, Fighter & P

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Quidol. La tête et les poches pleines Aktualisierungszeit 1.5.0

Chaque soir à 20:30, nos présentateurs légèrement survoltés vous posent en direct des questions de culture générale. 11 questions, sur l'Histoire, l'A

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Princess Coloring Pages Aktualisierungszeit 1.8

Welcome to the fairy-tale world of beautiful princesses Princess Coloring pages for adults & kids! Princess Coloring Pages is cool girl coloring page

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Power Security Aktualisierungszeit

Power Security is a free antivirus app to clean virus and malware. *Feature: 1. AntivirusThe best antivirus app for protecting your device's safety. S

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MediSafe Aktualisierungszeit 8.08.06297

MediSafe is an award winning, top rated medication reminder, if you need to track your medications, this is the app for you!MediSafe is a beautiful, v

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OTG Disk Explorer Lite Aktualisierungszeit 3.02

OTG Disk Explorer lets you to read USB flash drives as well as card readers from your Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 tablets. All you have to do is connect the f

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No Crop Aktualisierungszeit 6.0.31

No Crop is an Application that you always needed. If you are tired of cropping images No Crop is the best way to square your photos quickly. You are g

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MyMaxis App Aktualisierungszeit 6.41

**No Data charges for using MyMaxis App. For more information, please visit** The latest, improved MyMaxis app is here - The

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Multi Calculator Aktualisierungszeit 2.9.4

Multi Calculator, top 50 most recommended tools app for Android. A perfect calculating tool specially built for you. Multi Calculator is not only very

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Manor Cafe Aktualisierungszeit 1.3.5

Welcome to Manor Cafe! Design and decorate your cafe mansion with this epic match-3 puzzle game, while experiencing the funny and interesting story al

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LinkToken Aktualisierungszeit 2.0.0

LinkToken Pocket is a decentralized virtual account based on Blockchain technology, which is used to store rewards (ie, LinkToken) obtained from parti

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Gallery Lock - Lock Photos & Hide Videos Aktualisierungszeit 2.2.9

Hide picture & videos to keep your privacy safe! Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videos is a light but powerful privacy protection app to hide and encryp

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Ecosia Browser - Fast & Green Aktualisierungszeit 3.4.3

Ecosia is the first and only browser that lets you plant trees with your web searches on the go. Ecosia Browser is based on Chromium and it is as fast

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Experience edge lighting and rounded corners of Samsung Galaxy S8. The minimum specification for S8 edge lighting notification is JELLY BEAN(name 4.3,

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