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TaoBao 7.2.3

【软件简介】 淘宝客户端:阿里巴巴集团旗下淘宝官方应用( 淘宝网数十亿优质商品,任你筛选; 优惠活动”全年无休”,海量精品折扣,帮助您聪明淘宝,愉快购物; 新版优化的产品功能,购物浏览更便捷,支付体验更顺畅 【欢迎加旺旺群:1054044917,参

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1 of the Best Android Apps of 2014 according to TechRadar."Do the world a favour and download it, after all, it’s free." - Gizmodo"Horizon for Android

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Open Camera 1.42.1

Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera app for phones and tablets. Features:* Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfec

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AppSales 8.0

Get the best apps, games and wallpapers on sale!Features: • Get notified about new sales • Only the best apps • Like and comment sales • Price his

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8684长途 1.5.6


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Timera 3.0.3

Timera is the perfect app for combining 2 photos on your device. You can look at old photographs nearby, search old photos by hashtag or simply uploa

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Want to take better pictures?READY for: Droid/Galaxy/Nexus/Hero+more!"All this for free? WOW!"+3 whitebalances+4 filters+35 clipart+21 text fonts+8 hi

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An application that can track your travels of your Android by storing your GPS locations. Draws the route real-time on either Google or OSM maps. Uses

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必胜客 3.1.6

必胜客中国唯一的Android官方手机客户端;最新资讯:及时了解必胜客欢乐餐厅的最新活动资讯,分享给好友,还能把优惠保存到个人中心“我的口袋”中; 美味菜单:从比萨、意面、焗饭、岩烤系列等主菜,到餐前小吃、沙拉、甜品及饮料,应有尽有; 当地活动:看看你所在城市有哪些最新活动; 签到必胜客:查看

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VideoShow 7.4.0

★VideoShow:No.1 video editor in android market.Videoshow Pro version has followings features:- The new generation of processing engine,More stable, fa

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In a constant pursuit for a perfect exposure... Finally, a pro tool to help achieve a well balanced exposure with your DSLR, Exposure Pro!Cameras toda

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Spring pro 2.0.4

Fashion photos created using JUST your fingertips!Our height stretching app has come back with a Slimming & Head resizing function!The worldwide best

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全国违章查询-车轮查违章是一款由专注于汽车移动领域的车轮团队专心研发的车主必备app。自发布以来,受到了用户和行业的广泛认可与好评。★ 五千万车主共同选择★ iphone版2013年内稳居App Store免费总榜第一位长达15天★ 两次荣获“移动互联网创业之星最佳移动工具”奖★ 第二届拳头奖最佳工

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Create funny wobbly images with this little application. This works in realtime so you see what you get all the time.Like us on Facebook and stay tun

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亚马逊 为Android系统设计的掌上亚马逊可以让用户通过一个渐变精美的界面,快速便捷地在亚马逊上进行商品的搜索、浏览、购买、对比以及查看评价。这款应用程序中的条码扫描功能可以让用户通过扫描商品条码,即时获得商品的详细信息,亚马逊价格,以及库存信息。用户可在此软件种享受与电脑网站中一样的购物车功能

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Photo Tools 7.1.0

Photography Tools bundled in one free application. Please note that this is a tool for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. Some backgrou

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